A people person through and through, I’m a natural networker and trained in policy, leadership, communications and change management and have worked for over twenty years in a range of corporate communications, marketing and organisational development roles for many employers and clients across public, private and third sectors.

I’ve seen change and transition consistently throughout my career on a global scale. Change is not the exception, it’s the rule – the norm. We’re just having it hit us in the face at the moment so it all seems a little more prominent than perhaps it once was. Full scale knee-jerk change in some cases rather than the incremental change we may have once been used to.

My focus and enthusiasm has always been on how people are affected by change and what steps can be taken to minimise the adverse impacts of change and in fact where the positives and opportunities can be found in ongoing transformation. There are always opportunities to be found.

This passion has led me to work for the past decade or so on projects linking to orgnisational transformation and redesign, specialising in creating the best possible people experience during challenging times. Taking the pain out of difficult work-based situations. This work may seem like a ‘nice to have’ at face value, but in fact, it’s worth its weight. Effective colleague and stakeholder engagement during difficult times, whether change or crises (sometimes both) is essential in maintaining productivity, maintaining morale and taking colleagues with you on any journey of change. They have to want to be part of your future and if they have to move on, then they can be your best ambassador in the outside world because you looked after them and helped them be well prepared – ready to move on.

During my change management work, I’ve been passionate about wellbeing. This is the key to maintaining productivity and making colleagues feel valued. It has so many benefits internally and externally. Lower turnover, greater loyalty and improved reputation all go hand in hand with looking after the wellbeing of employees. I facilitate this and I love it. I love helping people find optimism and opportunity, even in the most adverse circumstances.

This experience has led me to develop my career in the direction of holistic coaching, wellbeing and mindfulness. All essential tools in keeping organisations up and running, agile, resilient and ready for a sustainable level of success into the future. Looking at the whole picture from personal, professional and organisational perspectives.