Solve it by talking: achieving balance through talking – with Tina Gale, MA. I am a Transformational Mid-Life Coach and Mindfulness Trainer.

What I can do to help you

I empower women to overcome a myriad of mid-life challenges which may include:

•the menopause
•feelings of being overwhelmed and invisible
•poor work life balance or over work leading to burnout
•desire for career/life changes
•loss of confidence and direction

I believe each and every midlife woman has the personal power to tap into their resources, take control, be decisive and thrive.  

How I can help you overcome these challenges

  • Life coaching
  • Career planning and developmental coaching
  • Work based coaching
  • Business coaching

My invitation to you is to take me up on a complimentary session. It might just be the best conversation you’ve had in a while. It may just be the first shift that helps you achieve your goals and make that change.