Do you recognise yourself ?

Remember we are all different but at our core we share some of these thoughts, feelings and practices but may not dare to verbalise or confront them. Female, aged 40 to 60 years old, peri or menopausal, struggling at work and or with home relationships, disenfranchised, feeling increasingly invisible, powerless and out of control.

Maybe not sleeping well, probably feeling exhausted, stressed, anxious, maybe heading for burnout and not understanding why. There may be body positivity issues and a poor work life balance. Do you procrastinate?

You may not be linking the impacts of midlife and the menopause to your current situation and understand how they impact on all aspects of your life, being and decision-making. You may be hiding the way you are feeling to avoid appearing weak. You may be ready for a career/life change but not be clear in which direction, or how to make the changes. You may be questioning if you have the confidence to do it.

Do you feel that you are not thinking clearly, stuck in thought loops, paralysis by analysis, feeling invisible and  powerless – and not understand why. You may well be struggling to concentrate and be experiencing brain fog, possibly leading to defensiveness and issues at work. You are time poor, children, grandchildren, parents and life bring with it conflicting priorities which can lead to guilt. Do you grieve for the bold confident version of yourself you used to see in the mirror ?

However, overtly you may well appear very outgoing and confident. It may be important to you not to show weakness and to compete with all comers in the world of work. You will most likely have fought your way to the highest point in your career. Has this led to disillusionment, questioning what life is all about and was it worth the fight? You could be one of a variety of relationship statuses,married, divorced, dating, maybe just dreaming about making a change. There may be grown up children or you may be questioning being childless/childfree. Alcohol may be used to aid dislocation, relaxation and sleep on a regular basis. Also comfort eating. Exercise may or may not form one of these comfort strategies. I am confident that you rarely put yourself first.

Where you want to be

You want but maybe fear change. You yearn to be free, happy and fulfilled, to be a human being rather than just existing. You need to stop grieving for who and what once was or you hoped for and embrace who you are and see your potential. Midlife women need to break the cycle, to understand and actually achieve the life they want now but you need the clarity, direction and support through coaching which releases the inner resources and personal power to get yourself there. Why ? To live in the present and stop life passing you by. To understand your purpose and make every day count.

Putting you in the driving seat

  • You need to give yourself time to reflect, put yourself first and work to define what you really want.
  • Eating well and exercise, getting outdoors and into nature can be an enlightening support to this process.
  • You need to be well rested to allow yourself to start thinking clearly and get things in proportion.
  • You need to understand your core beliefs and values and consider how you wish to honour them in your life.
  • You need to define and own your vision and purpose for life.
  • You need to celebrate your strengths and the potential of your personal power.
  • You must take back control of all aspects of your life and learn to say no, create boundaries and increase your confidence to delegate.
  • You need to tap into your midlife resources to be able to live your passions.
  • You need clarity to be able to see in detail all aspects of the life you really want.
  • You may need to dig deep to remember and celebrate the confidence you once had and to be able to live it in the present and see your power grow.
  • You need to understand and live through a strong midlife mindset to positively reframe situations into what you want.
  • You need a plan to get to where you want to be.
  • You need to be bold and smile😃

When you take control, what does it feel like ? 

A calm, content you who has achieved clarity and feels in control. A powerful midlife you who is excited about the possibilities life holds . This confident you has the resources and tools to thrive and be happy. You have finally released the power to live your passions. 

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