A lot to be said for Fika…

Fika? Ever heard of it? It’s a Swedish concept and attitude, a strong element of Swedish culture where friends and colleagues get together mid-morning to enjoy a coffee or a tea and a sweet treat but most importantly a chat and a catch up.

In the busy ratrace we face in the modern working world, the mid-morning and mid-afternoon coffee or tea break is often forgotten. But it’s not as insignificant as it seems at face value.

The impact of Fika on personal and professional relationships is very high. It allows a less formal collaboration and interaction between people, developing positive networks and more understanding in the workplace. It also promotes increased productivity once colleagues go back to their desks or friends go back to their respective families.

We’d love to hear how you spend your break times and what your favourite treats are to help you through a productive day. Here’s Rob (not a coffee snob at all – honest!?) in one of his fave coffeeshops, purchasing amazing coffee for us to enjoy our Fika here at Yokudotlife…

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