A walk a day…

Yes indeed, a walk a day can keep the doctor away. It’s good practice to spend at least 20 minutes per day out in nature, connecting with nature and being at one with the flora and fauna in the fresh air.

Even better if you can do that bare foot to help you ground yourself and recalibrate with the vibrations of the earth. It’s tried and tested so is know to help your body detox and reconnect with nature. This can be hugely beneficial to your physical and mental health.

So whatever the weather, make sure you get out there and recharge and increase your productivity and mindset. It’s also a fabulous way to practise mindfulness and just be in the moment and enjoy the here and now.

We’d love to hear your examples of reconnecting with nature, whether a brisk walk, a bathe in the forest or a wild swim…what floats your boat and gets you back to nature and feeling recharged?

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